What To Expect

Worship in Word
We teach the Bible for what it is, God’s perfect Word. We focus on communicating God’s clear message of hope and salvation through Jesus. At any given time, you will find that we are teaching through some book of the Bible, verse by verse. Occasionally we take a break from that format to emphasize a topic that is important for our family to hear, but we always use the Bible. So bring yours and follow along. If you are wondering what version we read from, we use the English Standard Version. 

Worship in Music
With music, our goal is to worship God whole-heartedly and authentically. The Bible describes worship in many ways – in silence and with noise, standing, sitting, kneeling, even falling on your face. As we sing we respond to who God is and what he has done by honoring him. 

Worship in Communion
Scripture instructs us to continually remember Jesus’ sacrificial death on our behalf through the Lord’s Supper or Communion. Baptism is the ordinance of entry in the fellowship of the Church following a person’s conversion to Christ. The Lord’s Supper is the continuing ordinance of fellowship in the local church. We participate in the Lord’s Supper each week. if you are a baptized Christian who is continually and consistently walking in obedience to God in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ please participate in communion with us weekly. (1 Corinthians 11:27-32). Feel free to come up to any of the tables in the front to take communion during the singing time that follows the sermon. Once a month the bread and the wine are passed and we take them all at once as a worshipping community. 

Worship in Giving
Giving is an important part of our worship. Before Christ, followers of God were commanded to give certain percentages of their income out of obligation. In the New Testament God tells us to give cheerfully, to be generous with what He has given to us but not out of compulsion and sharing with others, and to do so with humility not to be noticed by others. We give because as we consider the gospel we realize how God has given to us. If you’re visiting with us or not a believer please don’t feel obligated to give. But if you make This Side of the Rock Fellowship your church home, we encourage you to be faithful to give regularly as grace abounds and as a part of your worship experience.

Worship as Families
The Bible consistently teaches us that the responsibility of training kids to hope in Jesus belongs primarily to the parents. In order to facilitate this at This Side of the Rock Fellowship we encourage families to worship together on Sunday mornings it might at first take some getting use to but before long you will be blessed by the fruit of it for sure. 

Children’s Ministry exists to partner with parents to ... • Help children to set their hope in God • Teach children what God’s commands are and how to obey them • Lovingly encourage children to obey and honor their parents

Once again take a look around and if you have any questions please feel free to call or e-mail us.  Thanks a lot for coming to our site.